• Vilma Ginzberg

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Wrong Man for the Presidency

Aside from any flaws or failings he brings with him, there is an objective, non-partisan reason that Donald Trump is not the man for the job as president.

He was born into, and raised in, business-driven traditions and practices, which closely resemble dictatorships. It is true that dictatorships are quicker; that is why most businesses are autocratic in structure. Time is often of the essence in business transactions, and decisions must be made quickly. The man at the top makes a unilateral decision. Those who disagree, or cannot get with the program, are ignored, demoted or fired as obstructive to the business.

He who built the business from scratch, stays in that powerful seat as long as he can [historically these have been mostly male persons], and then passes it down to a well-apprenticed scion or follower. Loyalty to him personally is highly valued; disagreement means disloyalty and is punished by removal. Except perhaps for cooperatives, businesses rarely are run by governance by the many. 

Governance of the kind meant to be used by this country’s founders, on the other hand, is accomplished by input from multiple sources including the voices of voters, by educated debate, respectful disagreement, attention to detail, by compromise and the slow processes of eventual agreement to action by majority rule. Instead of loyalty to a person, there is often commitment to an idea or ideal.

Trump runs the presidency the only way he knows how: by the business model. His approach is autocratic; his decisions are unilateral, he ignores or fires those who disagree with him even if they are right for the country’s greater good.  By so applying these methods to the presidency, Trump has done more damage to our fragile democracy’s governmental infrastructure than we can, with the best of leaders and intelligent dedicated help, rebuild in decades.  It is so much easier and faster to tear down than to build, or rebuild.  That is why we dare not give him another four years to continue his re-make of our country’s governing tenets, or I fear they will be lost forever, and we will be an eastern-European-type dictatorship.

That is why we must elect a person who is experienced in governmental, not business, practices, and is dedicated to preserving the constitutionally-described principles of government to run the functions of our country. Fortunately, we have candidates with that kind of experience and commitment in Biden and Harris, both of whom have such considerable experience at state and federal levels.

Vilma Olsvary Ginzberg ~ 08.24.2020

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