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In her fifth collection of poetry, Vilma Olsvary Ginzberg rants against political insanity, muses about writing, and celebrates some of life’s joys.

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“Thank God that octogenarian Vilma Ginzberg cannot help herself. She must ‘make noise,’ and once again does so insistently, angrily, touchingly, and beautifully in her latest poetry collection unsurprisingly titled making noise. Every poem that Ms. Ginzberg writes truly embodies the woman she is now, the product of her long life as a psychologist, activist, and all around feisty but loving human being. However, it’s not enough for Vilma Ginzberg to look back and reflect on politics, sounds, loves, and music, she goes a step beyond and looks forward to her own death in the movingly provocative ‘After the Funeral.’ Read this book as a wise poet moves forward never missing a step.”

Ed Coletti, author of When Hearts Outlive Minds (2011) and Germs, Viruses, and Catechisms (Civil Defense Publications, San Francisco 2013)

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