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This is a recording of Vilma giving a reading for her friends and neighbors at Friend's House in Santa Rosa; March, 2023.


The following five fire poems were all written about and in response to the Northern California fires in October 2017.  These readings were recorded at that time by KRCB public TV station producer Steve Menscher. The poems all appeared later in my book, 90 is the new, which is available from Amazon. Ravaged by fires once again in Northern California, these pieces seemed apropos to the moment.

"the grief of ashes the ashes of grief"


"after-fire language"


"waiting it out"

Interview with Vilma Olsvary Ginzberg

Sandra Anfang, a Petaluma, California poet, has begun a project of interviewing local poets for an archive she is building. Sandra contacted me to be her first subject. I was very honored by her request. The interview is in two parts, below. 

Part 1

For the audio link only, please click here

Part II

For the audio link only, please click here

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