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Most of these poems, written in the last three years, arose from two internal states: a place of gratitude and wonder, or from a place of outrage. As I crossed the portal of my eighties, I listed among my daily gratitudes, the survival of my capacity for awe and appreciation, as well as for appropriate outrage, both of which are expressed in Murmurs and Outcries.





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praise & recognition


A restless mind and vital spirit infuse Murmurs & Outcries.

Here is a poet in top form, full of strength and courage.  And what range!

Vilma’s poems brim with joy from life’s bounties, but also burn with outrage at cruelty and injustice. Her voice is sensitive, adoring, muscular, attacking.  Her journey becomes our own, and we are the richer for it.

David Beckman

author of Under Pegasus,

playwright, Becoming Walt Whitman

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