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90 is the NEW


In her sixth book of poetry, Vilma marvels about the joys and pains of reaching her tenth decade, the random cruelty and capriciousness of the wildfires that ravaged Sonoma County, California, and speaks of and to family and close friends as only her poetry can.




90 is the New

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praise & recognition


Ginzberg's sixth poetry collection blends gratitude and grief, and reveals the poet's intact moral center and ferocity. Resilience and passion drive these poems... With her keen eye, generous heart, and clear mind, the poet rages not only against injustice, but the sorrow and frailty that age includes... This survivor's inspiring record makes clear that creative longevity is not for the lazy or faint of heart.

Gwynn O'Gara,

author of Snake Woman Poems,
Fixer-Upper, Winter at Green Haven,

and Sea Cradles.

Sonoma County Poet Laureate, 2010-1012

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