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  • Vilma Ginzberg

Evacuation Alert

I waken to the sky a peachy pink hue

its beauty entrancing

the black widow of weather

I sense its danger

the air thick to breathe

and smoky to taste

sits heavy on the rooftops

like an overfed unwelcome guest

the fires are closer

go-bag packed and ready to go

I dread evacuation

trying not to be reminded

that everything I leave behind

I must be ready to lose

I am not

yet these annual infernos

have become kin

living in our back bedrooms all year

until brought out

by the siren call of hot east winds

dragging destruction

and promising renewal in their wake

how do I pack a lifetime in a go-bag?

what is too precious to be left behind?

a sophie’s choice indeed

as I make decisions

I vow not to regret later

Vilma Ginzberg 9-9-2020

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