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March 29, 2021

Covid-19 is real and we have come through a year of grieving, and of learning how to identify and protect ourselves from it. And it is not done with us yet, nor are we done with it.

Unfortunately, there will always be negative energies in the world that we must learn to identify and protect ourselves from. We have just come through a presidency that epitomized that.

It is unfortunate that we must continue to protect ourselves from toxic energies.

But there are always people out there who are afraid or hurt or unhealed and occasionally who are evil. It is challenging to avoid getting caught in their webs of negativity but there are really no other viable choices, are there?

The antidotes for negative energies are not hidden from us; there are no surprises. They include truth and truth-telling, kindness, cautious and educated trust, love that is not blind but is hopeful, and hope itself of the kind that plants trees, works for clean air and clean earth, wastes not, and cooperates with others compassionately. Fortunately, the human soul is actually hard-wired for that.

© Vilma Ginzberg, 03-29-2021

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