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  • Vilma Ginzberg

On turning 97

although there is more to tell

and fewer words to tell with

and my sack of wisdom

is heavier than I can handle

yet every moment of truth

is a new epiphany

and each day a burst of freshness

that lights my way

through this underbrush of old age


even as the road ahead shortens

and the path has lost its smoothness

and my steps halt and stammer

yet every glint upon the rock

each drop of shining rain

fills me with light


there are bits of heaven on this path     

I promise

©Vilma Ginzberg   1-17-2024

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May 28

Hi Vilma,

So glad to see you’re still writing, still guiding us along the slippery slope of age.

🙏 batja


Jan 23

Vilma, I love this poem. This phrase really dazzled me: "through this underbrush of old age.” I’m so glad to “see” and read you here and know that you are still living every moment. 💚 - Sandra


Jan 22

You continue to shine light on the world, Vilma. Thank you.

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