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Returning Home after the Fire Evacuation

just one sleep in my own bed away

from the 9-day fire evacuation

to the city hotel

I ache to ground myself here

planting as symbol

a cutting from a jade plant


into the dry soil of a neglected flowerpot

I want to plant my feet

ankle deep into my garden

I want them to grow roots

this pandemic

with its fear of and in the air between us

and the droplets it contains

boosts my love affair with the earth

the forced though temporary


pushes my yearning for roots

I want to eat carrots and potatoes

and even turnips

and believe it or not parsnips

and lean my back against

the overburdened pear tree’s trunk

and sink my teeth into the pear’s juices

running down my chin

and falling like my tears of relief

onto this piece of ground

I call home

Vilma Ginzberg 10-7-2020

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